The quality of FUGE camps is dependent on the staff recruited to serve and facilitate camp during the summer months.

Students who come to camp will likely not remember all the details of the program but will remember the staff member who served as their Bible study leader. The heart behind FUGE is that students would experience Christ in a deeper, more intimate, life-changing way during their time at camp.

We are looking for college students and young adults who love the Lord, have a desire to serve, and are

passionate about students. If you are chosen to work FUGE this summer, you will work on a team committed to seeing students experience this life-change.

If you’re looking for the most rewarding and exhausting student ministry experience of your life, we welcome your application!

Please read below carefully, as this application process is different than most camps.

  • Our online application is available June 1 through May 1.
  • All applicants must complete an online application and have a personal interview.
  • We conduct both personal and SKYPE interviews.
  • We do both a fall placement (mid-December) and a spring placement. Applicants will be notified of placement either in mid December or mid April.

Age Requirements

  • Centrifuge and MFuge have age requirements which must be met by all applicants.
  • Applicants must turn 19 years of age and one year removed from high school by June 1st to work Centrifuge. Applicants must turn 20 years of age to work MFuge. 
  • We do not hire high school students. If you are a high school student and are interested in working a FUGE camp in the future, we recommend the Student Leader Apprentice (SLA) program, SLA is a two-week experience for those entering or just completing their senior year in high school. The first week is dedicated to leadership development and Bible study, the second week the student is apprenticed to an Centrifuge or MFuge staffer. Nashville offers SLA participants the MFuge experience for their second week. North Greenville offers SLA participants the choice between Centrifuge or MFuge for their second week.

Advantages to Working Camp:

  • You will build great relationships with campers and will develop life-long friendships with staff.
  • You will contribute to the spiritual growth of the next generation of believers.
  • You will help to lead hundreds of students to a deeper walk with our Lord.
  • Camp provides great life experience for future ministry.
  • You make good money! We pay our staff higher wages than other camps.

Our Expectations:

  • Have a vibrant walk with the Lord and maintain a daily quiet time.
  • Have a genuine love for students.
  • Staffers will lead a daily Bible study for campers.
  • Staffers will lead a daily track time.
  • Be able to share the gospel and disciple students.
  • Help make camp run smoothly and be involved in weekly evaluation of camp.
  • Seek and work toward team unity.
  • Abide by staff policies as outlined in Statement of Commitment and staff manual.


  • All applicants must have an interview to work with us. First, you must complete an online application no matter which interview type you choose.
  • After completing the application, you will be notified by email when to return to your application to choose your interview type. We offer interviews at locations scattered across the country as well as the option to do a video conference via SKYPE.
  • We preview all applications and will be in contact with you no matter which type of interview you choose to do.
  • If you choose to do an interview at one of our locations we have listed, you will automatically be guided through the process of scheduling a date and a time for your interview.
  • If you choose to do a video conference interview, and you meet our qualifications, we will call you to schedule a time for us to meet to conduct the interview. No SKYPE interviews will take place before September 30th.

SKYPE Interview

You may request to a SKYPE video interview. This is done on the Interview Location page. This page is populated ONLY after you complete all of your forms in the application. If you do not complete each form of the application you will never see this page. You must log out and wait about 15 minutes before this page will be populated.

If you are want to request a video conference interview simple click on the link and follow the steps.

All applicants requesting to do a SKYPE interview must:

  1. have a computer with a built in video camera or must purchase a USB video camera with a built in microphone. These can be purchased for less than a tank of gas.
  2. download or have the SKYPE program on their computer. This can be downloaded for free at
  3. send to your interviewer your screen name that you will be guided to create when you set up your SKPYE account.
  4. be prepared to meet their interviewer at the agreed upon time.

We strongly urge you to practice using SKPYE before your scheduled interview. Getting the video to work correctly can take a few moments. Please have this up and running. We will look at your completed application first to determine if you qualify to work with us before we will call you to schedule an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions