Dates to Remember

February 1 — A $50 non-refundable deposit is due per person. Call 877.CAMP123 to use a credit card or make payment on your LifeWay account or mail a check on or before Feb 1.

April 1 — Download Church Group Devotions, After Camp Bible Study and Parent Devotions.

May 1 — Cancellation Deadline: All cancellations made after May 1 will incur an additional $50.00 fee for each person dropped. When cancellations occur, deposits cannot be applied toward balance due.

14 days prior to camp — Final balance due and participant grid needs to be emailed to the camp email.

7 days prior to camp — Make sure you have the copies of the Fuge Release Forms (one for us and one for you), the Statement of Compliance, At Camp Registration Checklist, Group Information Form and Special Attention Cards.


Background Checks

You are required to cross check every adult sponsor with the National Sex Offender Website AND run a criminal background check. One low cost option to run these background checks is found here. You do not have to use this option for your background checks if you have another company you would prefer to use.

Download the Statement of Compliance in the Group Leader Info, complete it and bring it with you to camp.



Promotional Resources

Get promotional materials here such as forms, kits, backgrounds, social images, videos and more.

Special Needs

Please email to notify us of any special needs.