The summer of 2014 we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the FUGE missions offering. Campers have given more than 10 million dollars over these years. This missions offering goes to support the work of both the International Mission Board (IMB) and the North American Mission Board (NAMB). These agencies have allowed us to target specific ministries with which students can identify.


EMPHASIS :: Summer 2011 our partnership with IMB began focusing on the people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

PRAY :: Join us in praying for the IMB Missionaries in this area who are currently making important decisions about how these resources can most effectively be used to spread the Gospel, plant churches, disciple and meet physical needs

GIVE :: Info coming soon about people groups and projects this offering will impact

GO :: Info coming soon about opportunities to go and serve in this area of the world


EMPHASIS:: Our offering going to NAMB will help to support their Current Canada summer missions program. Current Canada is a partnership project between the North American Mission Board and the Canadian National Baptist Convention.

PRAY:: Join us in praying for the missionaries we are working with in Canada: Kevin and Alicia Madden, Clay and Cinnamon Hilton.

GIVE:: Money given in previous summers has been used to make the following a reality:

° 48 students served as summer missionaries through
Current (many areas explored for the 1st time)

° 50 new communities and urban areas were explored
(many areas explored for the 1st time)

° 13 Church Planters received funds to help them
reach their cities

° 6 students received scholarships for Provinical
Summer Youth Celebration Camps

° New work was started in Prince Rupert, BC

GO :: Click here to find out how to get involved with the Current Canada program. This program is open to students who have completed the 11th grade or higher.

Roma Report

EMPHASIS :: For the five summers prior to 2011, the IMB portion of the missions offering focused on the Romany people in Central and Eastern Europe.

CONTINUE TO PRAY :: For the missionaries we worked with on Team Romany: Boyd and Jenny Hatchel, Bob & Gayle Hill, Daniel Byrd, Joe and Julie Silby, Jerry and Brenda Goss, Betty Easter

PRAISE REPORT :: Money given in previous summers made the following a reality:

  • 29 FUGE/IWC projects with over 987 American students and leaders participating
  • 45 Romany youth serving as summer missionaries to 7 different countries through FARM (Far and Away Romany Missions)
  • Roma Family Camps (10 sessions, 230 participants, 115+ decisions for Christ)
  • Ministry Tent (Ukraine)
  • Worship Conferences
  • Leadership Development
  • Church Mission Projects (10 Romania men sent to Skopje, Macedonia, 40+ decisions for Christ)
  • Long-term Romany Mission Project (designed to appoint 5 couples for 1-year commitment)
  • Roma Pre-School Center
  • 3 Ministry Training Centers (Poland 2, Macedonia 1)
  • Language learning for missionaries
  • Medical and Social Relief
  • 10 missionary vehicles
  • 10,000 hymn books