For students, a week at camp is exciting, fun, loud, and sometimes even messy. But those things don’t bring about life-change on their own.

Every moment spent at FUGE is intentional. Camp programming is designed to take students out of their normal routine and place them into an environment that is focused on life-change through relationship with Christ.

A Typical Day
At a Fuge Camp


Morning Celebration

Camp attendees will gather to kick off each day in a high-energy way with worship, games, and a word from the camp pastor.


Quiet Time

Each morning, students will have the opportunity to spend time with the Lord, working through a devotion we provide to reinforce the camp theme. This quiet time will be done within Bible study groups.


Bible Study

Whether led by one of our staff members or someone from your group (depending on program), everyone at camp will engage in group Bible study each day. We provide age-specific Bible study materials that align with the camp theme.



Each evening, all camp attendees gather for a time of corporate worship, prayer, and a message from the camp pastor that reinforces the biblical theme for the day.


Church Group Time

One of our priorities is giving you, as the leader, the opportunity to invest in your students. During this time, you will be given a space to gather with your students to unpack the way the Lord is working in their lives during their time at camp. We offer materials to help facilitate this time.


Night Life

These events take place in the afternoon or evening at camp and allow students to participate in camp programming in a really fun, interactive way. Don’t be surprised if things get a little loud (or even messy!)

You'll also experience:

Opening & Closing Celebrations

Opening Celebration is a high-energy gathering on the first day that will set the tone of the week for students. During Opening Celebration, you will be introduced to the camp theme, program elements, and staff. Closing Celebration will take place at the end of the week to celebrate the life change that has taken place in the lives of your students during their time at camp.

Mega Relay

Often shortened to “Mega,” this high-energy relay race involves everyone at camp and is a FUGE tradition! Mega is loads of fun, but it never ends without a spiritual debrief that will keep your students thinking about the week long after you have loaded up and headed home. You just have to see it to understand!

Camps at Fuge

  • Morning Celebration
  • Quiet Time
  • Bible Study & Recreation
  • Lunch
  • Track Times
  • Free Time
  • Dinner
  • Worship
  • Church Group Time
  • Night Life
  • Morning Celebration
  • Quiet Time
  • Bible Study/Ministry Sites
  • Free Time
  • Dinner
  • Worship
  • Church Group Time
  • Night Life

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